Central Ekos

Overlooking stunning Whitemud Creek Ravine and Larch Sanctuary is Central Ekos – the urban heart of Larch Park. Trails and vistas will connect residents to the top of bank multi-use trails and walking paths that wind through the Sanctuary. With opportunities for small-scale, neighbourhood oriented retail Central Ekos will provide residents with new venues for community building and interaction.

Central Ekos will feature a combination of townhomes and apartment-style condominiums by one of Edmonton’s premier multi-family builders, Carrington Communities. With a focus on high quality materials, architectural detail, and sustainability, Central Ekos will continue the standard of high quality design that defines Larch Park.

For more details, please refer to the Site Specific Development Control Provision and generalized site plan. Zoning for Central Ekos was approved by Edmonton City Council in late 2015.

Ekos is the Greek word for habitat. We use ekos to describe a mix of environmentally-intelligent buildings that celebrate ecology and architecture. In Larch Park, this means estate homes, townhomes and innovative multi-family structures.